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Nebula is not just another node protocol, we are striving to
have utility not just with our protostars, but by creating an entire
ecosystem you can write home about!

The Overseer

Our protocol is watched meticulously by our Overseer System day
and night. Keeping your mind at ease as it buys on the lower peg
and sells on the upper peg, ensuring the price doesn't skyrocket or
collapse! Meanwhile filling the Liquidity pool and itself to ensure a
smooth price bound token.


1.) Total Supply : 1,200,000 NeFi.
2.) Payout : 0.1 of a token per day.
3.) Price per ProtoStar : 10 NeFi
4)Protostar Cap 100,000.

How To buy

To purchase our token head over to our in house swap located at our swap, purchase 10 Nebula tokens, head to the "Protostars" tab in the Dapp and create your protostar to become a Nebulan!